Week 7: Project week

Week 7: Project Week

Ok, now it’s your turn to explore whatever interests you!

  1. Go read the page On Project Weeks to get an idea of what project weeks are all about.
  2. Watch the video Our Oceans, Ourselves to see some real marine biologists at work and be inspired!
  3. Think of a project you would like to do.
  4. Plan it out, carry it out! You have a whole week to do it!
  5. Take notes (and pictures!) as you go.
  6. Write it up in your journal!
  7. Share it with us here!

Note: for high-school level students, your write-up should be in the form of a formal lab report. You can do it!



  1. These are going to be so fun, we can’t wait!!

  2. Here’s a link to Violet’s project, presented today!!

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