Weekly plans

Click on the link to be taken to lesson plans/assignments for each week.

Week 1: Intro to Oceanography/Tides, waves, and currents
Weeks 2, 3: Intro to Marine Biology/ocean chemistry
Weeks 4, 5: Algae/Ocean temperatures
Week 6: Marine plants/Light and color

Week 7: (project week) <—new link here!

Week 8: Porifera/ocean geography
Weeks 9, 10: Cnidaria and Ctenophora/coral reefs
Week 11: Marine worms/the deep ocean
Week 12: Bryozoa/continental shelves
Weeks 13, 14: Mollusca/beaches

Week 15: (project week)

Christmas break

Weeks 16, 17:Arthropoda/arctic and antarctic
Weeks 18, 19: Echinodermata/littoral zone/tide pools
Week 20: Tunicates/the fouling community

Week 21: (project week)

Weeks 22-24: Fish/the open ocean
Weeks 25, 26: Marine reptiles/marine exploration
Weeks  27, 28: Birds/marine archeology

Week 29: (project week)

Weeks 30, 31 : Marine mammals/ocean accoustics
Weeks 32,33:marine wetlands/careers in oceanography and marine biology
Weeks 34-36: (final project work)



  1. Hi Theresa, I just set up the nature blog to reflect our study, perhaps you want to change the link to this one, thanks 🙂 You can still sub head to Sweetness and Light too if you want : http://happyheartsmom.typepad.com/natures_sweetness/

    • I’m on it, Meredith! Thanks!

  2. Theresa,

    I’ve just created a blog for the year. The children may create their own to reflect their data in their own voices. That idea is still being batted around.

    But here is the one for our life this year.

  3. We are headed to the beach Tom. and will gather some important specimens for the next few weeks. So excited!!!!

    • Oh, have fun! And take lots of pictures so we can see!!!

  4. We will be in Naples Florida over the Thanksgivng Holiday so we will be hitting the beach for research. Any suggestions?

  5. Hey,

    We are going to slow way down with our work. The boys have been asking to go more slowly to do more in depth research. They are planning to only make it through birds by the end of the year. They want to have another week on marine worms. We actually have them here, and they want to interview some folks, too. By the time you add in 3 weeks on echinodermata etc, we are out of the pace completely. So, when I recalculated the gastropodian pace, we will be so behind in a couple of weeks.

    What do you think?


    • Absolutely!!!!!If the boys are asking to slow down and go more in depth then that’s exactly what I would do. Good for them!
      Actually, the reason why I have stopped writing lesson plans so far ahead is that I want to see how the next few weeks go and see if (and how) I need to revise our plans to better suit our pace. Plus, I always figured folks would pick and choose what they wanted out of them to suit their own family. I know we don’t always follow them as written (ok, we hardly ever do) and I’m the one who wrote them!LOL! And we have some folks just starting and some who have yet to start, so Fieldworkers are all over the place as far as the syllabus goes.
      Please keep linking here with what you guys are up to. I love seeing all of your boys’ wonderful projects.

  6. This is an excellent site for mollusca, gastropoda, nudibranches. Excellent illustrations of various body parts. They don’t overwhelm with loads of information.


    • Great! Thanks!

  7. So what week is everyone on at this point??? We’re just now finishing with week 9/10…My dd is loving it too!! Happy New Year Fieldworkers!!

    • We’re working through arthropoda, but we began before anyone else. We tend to hang out for several weeks in certain topics.


  8. Here is our first report
    Thanks so much for this, it’s just what we needed to break out of the rut of boring science!

  9. My daughter is working on weeks 22-24 and we wanted to share a real neat site with all of you. It’s a Virtual Shark Lab. Here’s the link for those interested: http://www.pc.maricopa.edu/Biology/ppepe/BIO145/lab04.html#anchor1742562

    • Thanks, Pamela, and thanks to your daughter as well!

  10. I love what you have done here but I am wondering if it will be completed? I see it stops at week 24…

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