Posted by: lapazfarm | April 12, 2010

An interesting find

This is a lion’s mane nudibranch (Melibe leonina) that JBug found washed up in front of the house. It was really difficult to get a good picture because it is mostly clear, but if you look closely (near the clamshell on the left) you can see the fringe of sensory tentacles on the oral hood, which it throws out like a cast net to catch it’s prey. Pretty cool, I think. Better pictures here:Ketchikan Photos.

Hope everyone is doing well. For some reason we  have been stuck on arthropods for awhile, but are moving on to echinoderms this week. Superboy is learning so much by volunteering at the Sitka Sound Science Center aquarium and hatchery that our lessons at home seem almost superfluous!



  1. That is awesome!! For Kerry’s birthday she asked for deep sea fishing trip. It was great the dolphins came up to the boat and sea turtles were coming up as well….of course I had the lense to my camera on so I didnt get the picture. But at least we all saw them. She explored and fished everyday. Kerry now knows the name of every fish she brings out of the ocean and then releases them of course.

    • What an awesome birthday present!! Sounds like it was a great time. Too cool about the dolphins and turtles!

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