Posted by: lapazfarm | February 27, 2010

back and running

Oh, my gosh it has been awhile hasn’t it???

Well, let me just say that we are moved, settled in,and loving our new home town.


We are ready to get back into the marine biology groove! Woo hoo!

How are all of you other field workers doing?? (I know I’ve seen some awesome posts recently by the folks at Somewhat In the Air. Have you checked them out lately? Please do!)

And what are we up to? Just stepping back into the water, one foot at a time.

We took the morning and got a  behind-the-scenes tour of our local science center.

Is that not the largest chiton you’ve ever seen!!! It’s called a gumboot chiton and it is very unusuall. The typical overlapping plated shells are totally covered by a rubbery membrane. Neat!

Superboy is hoping to do some volunteer work there at the salmon hatchery, so we had to check that out.

They raise four different species of salmon here (all but red).

It’s a pretty cool place, and together with the fabulous weather, we were inspired  to head out to the local tidepools to see what kind of marine life we could find on our own.

And find it we did!

Leather star

ochre stars

sponges in beautiful colors

What a great day! It really got us juiced up to dive back into marine biology again.

Ready or not, here we come!



  1. Looks awesome T, what a great spot you found!! Is there a variety of shellfish too?? So fun to explore unknown territory for the first time, wish we could visit 🙂

  2. whoa! Very nice. Love the pics, Theresa. (And Super Boy looks like all the cool snow boarders we saw at the local ski place today!)

  3. […] New post up over at my marine biology blog,  Fieldwork. […]

  4. Wow! You found some cool stuff! The chiton is amazing and the sponges too. Glad to have you back.

  5. It’s all so amazing. The variety and colors of all of the marine life in is extraordinary. I bet the kids were thrilled. The tide pools around here are so much more drab. Nothing nearly so beautiful.

    • That’s what always gets to me, too, Mary Ellen. The colors are just spectacular!

  6. Wow, those are some great sea creatures.

    And I have learned something — the weird creatures we saw that looked embedded in the rocks in Mexico were chiton — but not quite that large!

    My kind of science!

  7. Beautiful! Great to see a post, but ohhh the warm waters of Florida looked so inviting.

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