Posted by: lapazfarm | November 21, 2009

Worm reef (mis)adventure

This week we are studying marine worms and so we decided to take a trip up north to Martin County to see the Sabellariid worm reefs at Bathtub beach.

Well, we drove to Palm Beach county (about 3 hours north), spent the night with relatives, and the next day headed to Martin County (another hour) to see the reefs. We got there about noon to find a sign saying …

“Bathtub Beach Reef  Park is closed for construction”.

Phooey! I guess we should have planned ahead a bit better, eh? Ah, the pros and cons of spontaneity!

But we were able to get access to a nearby beach and see some older, exposed worm reef.  Here it is:

We checked out the reef briefly, and it looked like it was no longer living to us, but we couldn’t see it all because of the incredible waves–I mean really, really big!

which we never get in the Keys, so…


Hope your days are just as splendid!



  1. I love the waves and the warm water! I should live in Florida! Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas and encouragement, we are loving the study. Glad that you got to play.

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