Posted by: lapazfarm | November 18, 2009

so, how’s it going?

We are doing pretty well here. We finished up cnidaria and ctenophora last week. That was an easy one for us as we have seen a lot of those things!

JBug and I made these Jellyfish stuffies just for fun:

and now we are heading into marine worms. First off, we took a walk down to the water and we saw what we think were some marine worms, but we are not convinced. Must do more investigating to be sure. We took yesterday off marine biology and headed for the Everglades for the day, but tomorrow we will be back at it as we head to Martin County to bathtub beach to check out the unique worm reefs there.

Until then, happy worm hunting!



  1. those are so cute>>>directions please 😉

  2. Love the jellies!! We’re working on sponges this week.

  3. Great expression and good understanding of the fringe arms and tentacles. Is that velvet?

    We have yet to try a giant sucking device a biologist described. Planning on it though.

    1 three foot piece of pvc about 3 to 4 inches in diameter

    A rubber ball that fits snugly in the end of the pvc – cut in half (my husband recommended a piece of refrigerator gasket around a capped tight fitting plunger (see next item)

    adhere it to another piece of pvc that will act as the plunger.

    Situate the contraption over the hole and raise the plunger. It won’t raise more than a third of the way.

    Quickly move over to a towel or a piece of window screen and unload the plunger.

    Look for your creature.

    • That sounds like a cool contraption! Be sure to update us if you get it working. It’d be great for the next few weeks work~ worms and mollusca.
      The jellyfish are made out of cut-up pantyhose stuffed with fluff, and then covered with some tie-died cotton from an old dress of JBug’s that had a pattern on it that looked like a jellyfish to us. The fringe is also from that dress. The tentacles are yarn and ribbon.

  4. those are great jellyfish!!

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