Posted by: lapazfarm | October 21, 2009

Bean Counters

That’s what Superboy and JBug are this week as they work on their projects on sea beans.

And while Superboy is busy sorting his finds I’ll tell you about the marvelous time we had collecting the beans!

We spent an entire day hitting beach after beach collecting every type of sea bean we could get our hands on, from Key Largo as far south as Bahia Honda!!

The day was perfect, cool and breezy, and the view was lovely out there …

but we were looking the other way…

hunting through the wrack line for beans of all sorts.

We found quite a few sea beans  (which I will let Superboy show you when he is done counting, sorting, and identifying them) but also lots of other neat things:

young ibis, wading

tiny beetle

black mangrove bean sprouting (these were everywhere. Superboy simply lists them in his samples as “too numerous to count”.)

crab molt, who unwittingly became the star of a brief impromptu puppet show by yours truly…

and perhaps the neatest thing of all, just in time for Halloween…

Valonia algae, also known as…

sailor’s eyeball! So cool!

and we are off to another beach, another bean to discover!



  1. What an interesting project! I’ve never even heard of sea beans. Probably an east coast thing? The eyeball algae is really cool too.

  2. Very interesting!!!

  3. Ya’ll make the boys want to move back to FL – just because you have cool algae! I bet the tourism and real estate marketing teams have never worked that angle.


  4. Looks like a great time was had by all 🙂 Violet is starting her project this week, TBA soon….

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