Posted by: lapazfarm | October 9, 2009

Fieldworkers round-up

Wow! We’ve had some productive Fieldworkers lately! If you haven’t visited with the other fieldworker teams, now is the time. There’s good stuff going on all over!

See some great algae finds at Nature’s Sweetness Small Wonders, and Susie’s ramblings

Somewhat in the Air has moved on to Cnidaria and has a report and some lovely artwork to show off

Susie and crew have made some delicious sushi,

and Syndiluhu has a  new microscope! Looks like they got to test it out right away hunting plankton along with the Small Wonders crew! Don’t miss her link to instructions for making your own plankton net!

And we at LaPaz have a few new seaweeds to share:

(Penicillus, aka Neptune’s shaving brush, or merman’s shaving brush)

Dictyota sp (which is a cause of concern here in the Keys as it is taking over many of the coral reefs and other fragile habitats)

Here is a close-up of some Sargassum, on which you can see a little colony of bryozoans. Keep this is mind for week 12!

Now…who did I miss??? Bring on the links!!!



  1. Your making us want to live in the Keys!

  2. Great links, thanks for the round up!! So much good stuff going on out there 🙂

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