Posted by: lapazfarm | September 11, 2009

Busy fieldworkers!

Fieldworkers have been busy! Check out the fabulous work going on at A Bakers Dozen , Somewhat in the Air, and Nature’s Sweetness!

And we’ve been busy ourselves! Superboy has been surprisingly diligent about keeping up the quality of his notebook entries.

He  is learning to write a proper lab report, and he  is having fun with the outdoor portions of the course:

Here he is collecting plankton in Largo sound:

We don’t have a plankton net (yet) so he decided to filter water using a cut-up milk jug as a funnel, with the hole opening covered with a coffee filter. Well, the coffee filter was frustratingly slow, so he switched to using some sheer fabric and it worked much better.

Not a bad way to spend the morning!

This afternoon we are going to try a couple more locations to try and get a variety of plankton. We will let you know how it turns out!

So, anyone else have good stuff to share???Please don’t forget to let me know so I can post links here for all to see!



  1. Great pics!! We have finished week 1. Loving the course. Thanks you agian Theresa!!

  2. This is an amazing course you have here. I’m enjoying reading and seeing the pictures. Wish I could join in!

  3. thank you hugely for this course! the seaside naturalist arrived from amazon this morning and shark has been absorbed in it for four hours solid. she’ll update you soon! thank you again!

    • Woohoo!!!!

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