Posted by: lapazfarm | August 31, 2009

Taking the plunge!

Ready or not, we’ve started today!

Superboy started off looking at the lesson plans for week one and planning out what he’ll do each day. Today he’s been reading, recording info into his notebook, looking at websites, and planning his wave-measuring experiment. His biggest challenge with that will be finding a place that has actual waves, as here in Key Largo the water isΒ  pretty flat most of the time. Who knows, maybe we will get a storm, right?

Speaking of storms, we also watched a History Channel documentary called ” The Hunt for the Atocha” about Mel Fisher and his famous search for a Spanish treasure ship which was sunk by a hurricane here in the Keys. Pretty interesting stuff. Makes us want to go become treasure hunters ourselves! How fun would that be, right?

So, how are the rest of you folks doing???



  1. We’ve plunged in as well, hoping to post our work later today πŸ™‚ Our shell collection is starting out nicely and the kids really enjoyed the first Ch. of the Seaside Naturalist!

    This will be such fun, glad we’re doing this together πŸ™‚

  2. We chatted about you yesterday; were your ears ringing? Honey and I sat on the beach and wished it was closer so we could do this with you, but 2.5 hours away is a bit much. We’ve decided to tag along and pick some of our favorites to do anyway!
    And sign us up for the treasure hunting…my DH used to scuba dive all the time, and is hoping to get Honey certified this summer!

  3. As promised, here is our first official work πŸ™‚

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