Posted by: lapazfarm | August 5, 2009

Start dates, sharing work

First thing: If anyone is following along, can you please leave a comment on this post and let me know your start dates?  We are not starting until Aug 31, so I can’t make any promises, but I’d like to try to make sure I stay far enough ahead on the lesson plans that folks who start earlier don’t end up having to wait on plans.

So far I have plans up for 11 weeks in advance, and I hope to get a couple more up soon–that should give us a good start. But as the new school year starts I wont be able to add plans as rapidly. I will try to keep plans at least a month ahead of our schedule, though.

So, if you can, please let me know your start dates and I’d appreciate it a lot.

I’ve been doing some thinking about how to share work here on the blog. It would be great if there was a way that everyone could share their work on each weeks lessons in the same spot, here on the home page–in other words, everyone shares their work on sponges in one post, their work on marine worms in another post, etc.  But if we are all progressing at different rates, then I am not so sure how to do that.

So, I am thinking that we can just share as we go, whatever topic we are on. It isn’t ideal, but I don’t see how to get around it without folks having to wait to share for us to catch up. That isn’t any fun! Anyone have any ideas to get around this???

As far as sharing methods, I will be glad to post links here to your blog posts, or you can leave links in comments sections, or if you don’t have a blog, you can send me some photos and text to share via email and I’ll post them here.

Anyone have any ideas for better sharing?



  1. T, what about doing our photo sharing via our Flickr pages?? That way if we have a million pictures of seaweed for example we can pop them up at Flickr and just a few in our blog posts. This is totally off the top of my head too. I will happily link each time I post an with your nifty “snap” view thingie you have plugged in to wordpress it makes it pretty easy for people to see what others are sharing without having to click through unless they want to…

    On the start note, we’re going to meander slowly through week 1 until you start, so we’ll mostly be collecting shells and getting a really good feel for what Marine Biology is on all age levels. I know we will have tons to do just browsing all your great side bar links too, so we will definately not b ahead of you. Let me know if any of the above makes sense 🙂

    • Great idea, Mere! I went ahead and created a Flickr group so we can share our photos easily!
      It is by invite only, but you should have yours waiting for you!

  2. We’re in over here in Northwest Washington!

    • Great, Renee! Do you have a start date?

  3. We’re doing week one while in Houston 17-25th, then we’ll probably be behind due to the rest of the vacation and coming back.

  4. We ordered the text today and proably won’t start til the 8 th of Sept….looking forward to this.

  5. I’m planning on starting the last week of August in the the New Smyrna area. I can’t tell if the kids are more excited about being able to identify what interests them at the beach or the water-proof writng logs that I ordered. It looks like a great study and we can’t wait to get stated.

    • Great! Please consider joining our Flickr group so we can share photos of our work.

  6. We are set to start the end of the first week of September here in Manitoba- who knows, maybe we will even make it up to Thompson!!


  7. We’ll be following along but we’re getting a late start since we had some trouble getting the book. We’re on the Washington coast.

    • Welcome, Syndi! I’ll add you to the blogroll.

    • Cool, another Wa coaster 🙂 Good to see you here Syndi!

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